Thursday, July 24, 2008

Going back a bit...

Some of you might remember the posting a put out a while back about the great Gigspanner weekend. Some of you might remember from that posting the tale of the male members of the Millbrooker Towers party going for a walk even though the weather was utterly appalling.

BathNick did manage to get his camera out on a couple of occasions and has published this shot on his blog Bath'N'Stuff, the whole article about his Gigspanner weekend can be read at A link to BathNick's blog in its entirety is on the right...

Just for now, I'll share a shot of some people who might, just possibly, have been out of their tiny little minds rambling through Wiggle in a force eight with the rain slicing horizontally into their faces.

From L-R: yours truly, Chris Arnold (the only dry one amongst us as he had the right kit); Jon Rogers and Jim Rogers (a pair of very wet men in nice city gear whose umbrellas didn't last the course); YarMatt struggling manfully into the wind.

Thanks, BathNick; glad you enjoyed yourself!

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