Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Insight Radio: an update

Here's the news about The Millbrooker's latest adventure in seeking fame (but absolutely no fortune whatever).

After a chat with Simon Pauley who presents the morning show on Insight Radio we've decided to try out yours truly as his show's John Noakes. I'm going to be doing "Insight Endeavours"; adventures which a partially sighted person can do, but which might be thought unusual by a normally sighted one.

Simon and I have just finished recording the introductory piece and he's aiming to broadcast it on this coming Friday at about 10 past 10 in the a.m.

If everything goes well, I'm meant to be doing a new "Insight Endeavour" each month until Simon and/or his audience get fed up with me or I've irrevocably damaged myself.

If you can listen, log on to www.insightradio.co.uk and click on the listen now link on Friday morning to hear my dulcets wobbling over the ether responding to questions from the infinitely more professional Mr Pauley (who, incidentally lives in Pauley Mansions in similar vein to me living in Millbrooker Towers).

You never know this might even boost the readership of these endless drivellings. I'd better do a posting introducing the z-list for any newcomers. Blog names only, naturally; Insight Radio isn't even using my real name (should help to protect the innocent).

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Frankenkeith said...

Very professional!
Hope you get a lot more readers from Insight Radio.