Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Looking forward to a house full

This weekend will see Millbrooker Towers packed to the gunwhales with out-of-villagers turning up for the great Gigspanner fest on Friday at Kingsand.

Just so all those planning to stay with Mrs The Millbrooker and me know who the others are when they burst into our sitting room to find strange gentlemen lounging around (and some of them are very strange):

My old mucker Chris Arnold whom I've known for (...good god is it really that long...) 25 years is staying with us and will be joining the Daily(ish) Millbrooker mob at Gigspanner. Chris is fresh from his first Glastonbury festival since we went together in 1986 and is full of tales about Leonard Cohen's fine perfomance and the benefits of accompanying a volunteer nurse to the festival (hot showers and flushing loos being amongst the highlights):

Next up are the Rogers boys, Jon and Jim who hail originally from Scouserland (well, the posh bit on the Wirral) and now inhabit a small corner of Cheam in Surrey. I haven't got a photo of Jim that I can find quickly enough to show here, but here's Jon on his last visit to these shores. Jim hasn't got quite so much hair but is able to cope with more than half a pint of shandy before falling over. Jon works in education - showing children how to stick bits of wood together and pretend it's a building. Or something. Jim is a budding film maker, currently resting from his major project "The Divider" as funding proves more difficult in these credit crunching times.
Last but not least amongst the guests at Millbrooker Towers will be the familiar figure to blog readers of BathNick who has "fallen in love" with a Gigspanner track that he found online after following the link from this site, has had it constantly on loop ever since and decided on a last minute trip to catch them performing on Friday (your ticket's on the door, BathNick). Here's BathNick from his own website complete with small person:

Looking forward to seeing you all, gentlemen. Safe journeys and enjoy the trip.

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