Sunday, July 27, 2008

Milly Comes To Millbrook

Milly the mother-in-law dragged Trickers kicking and screaming onto the train (he really wanted to drive) for a fleeting visit to these civilized shores. They boarded at Bath, changing at Bristol onto one of the godawful, former Virgin, Voyager trains and Mrs The Millbrooker and I met them before I had to toddle along to Refugees First for my teaching practice.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party went to the St John Inn for lunch; pretty decent, apparently.

We all met up again once I'd finished explaining the difference between the word "smell" and the word "smile" to some slightly bemused Kurdish asylum seekers. And a brief potter around the lake seemed to be in order.Seen in the shot above, Milly returns from inspecting the water as Mrs The Millbrooker strolls onwards. And below Trickers takes time out to watch a little egret hunting below the dam.
The evening saw us indulging in one of Russell's slap up noshes at the legendary Devon & Cornwall.

As always the wee Welshman served up a treat; I thought I'd just share a shot of my D&C Mixed Grill. It's a fair old plateful and I can't recommend it highly enough for anyone desirous of a mighty meal and lots of cholesterol.

And also, I'd like to demonstrate the size of The Millbrooker's enormous appetite by publishing a shot of the same plate a few minutes later. This will go some way toward explaining The Millbrooker's enormous tummy.

The main purpose of the Bath based older generation's visit was to cast an eye over a couple of lodges that are up for sale at the Whitsand Bay Holiday Park atop Tregonhawke Cliff, and so the following morning saw us traipsing up Donkey Lane and hanging around outside the park's reception area waiting for Craig the estate agent to turn up. Which he duly did, only a minute or two shy of the target time.

A gaggle of young women currently ensconced in one of the lodges for sale kindly allowed us to wander around and check out their expensively rented rooms and we enjoyed the view over Millbrook from the decking.

The lodges that Milly & Trickers viewed were all the same inside, except only one had a gaggle of young women in-situ. Funnily enough the one with young women was the one which aroused the most interest from Trickers and, if they decide to try and buy, will be the one they go for. I believe the gaggle of young women is specifically not included in the asking price.

Here's another couple of shots from the site, for anyone who's not been up there (including me until a couple of days ago).

And a couple of interiors; they really are very nicely done out. I can understand why people buy them.

After a spot of lunch at the Clifftop Cafe, Tregonhawke, it was time to call it a day and send Milly & Trickers back from whence they came to mull over their impending decision on getting themselves a near Millbrookian bolt hole. Hope they do; all the best people either live in or come to Millbrook, after all. To quote the inimitably large and hirsute Mike Lee "everyone washes up in Millbrook eventually"; why put off the inevitable?

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