Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New (Legal) Scrabble Word Discovered at Millbrooker Towers

Mrs The Millbrooker and I don't play as often as we used to. In fact when we dug the creakingly ancient Scrabble board from its hiding place and checked the notepad that we use for keeping scores we found that we haven't faced each other down in a competitive manner over the tiles since the autumn of 2006.

All this changed a couple of days back and the resultant finishing position is in the shot above.

We're both pretty decent players, and we're both fiercely competitive. Sadly for me, Mrs The Millbrooker is the better player. But not by much; she can't afford to relax. I win often enough to make it worthwhile. This wasn't the case in the latest tussle, though, which Mrs The Millbrooker won by virtue of getting a seven letter word out ("corners" on the board above).

But can you spot the new word that we discovered can be used legally? Forming the link between "dim" and "oils" is the excellent little two letterer: "io". There's lots of useful two letter words - do check them in the dictionary (ae, id, zo, qi, xu, xi....) but we hadn't used "io" before.

For those still awake after reading through this intensely dull drivelling, io is defined as being from the Greek (but not Greek itself, or it wouldn't be allowed in Scrabble) and it's an interjection "of invocation, or expressing joy or triumph or grief...". Just thought you'd like to know.

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