Friday, August 22, 2008

Hooray - presents

Dozybean and YarMatt brought along the small progeny AKA Wriggly Baby for an overnight visit last night, we enjoyed a slap up nosh of stuffed marrow with Shazzerooneypoos' delicious home-grown potatoes.

Auntie Sharon's earth apples are really scrummy with just that lovely hint of sweetness that only small home grown spuds can offer. Encore!

Very excitingly during my spell of slaving over a hot marrow (ooh, matron) I noticed YarMatt wearing a new tee-shirt. This was followed only a moment or two later by me spotting that Dozybean had a similar themed top.

Only a minute or two after that Mrs The Millbrooker trotted downstairs from her hideaway in the household office where she's been burning CDs to take to France next week. She also had a new tee-shirt on.

By now I was quite gleeful; this was turning out to be good fun. A carrier bag was swiftly produced and there was an extra extra large "fat bastard" sized tee-shirt inside it for me.

The instruction for the photo above was to look deadpan and serious (Wizzers was in charge). I reckon that Mrs The Millbrooker managed that best out of all of us.

Marvellous - Daily(ish) Millbrook themed tee-shirts. Wizzers is getting one very soon.

We'll only be wearing them on extra special occasions. Gigspanner happenings, for example. Or Bastille Day celebrations. get the idea by now.

Thank you, Dozybean and YarMatt. I'm dead chuffed.

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