Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A Work of Genius, and the First Ever Competition in The Daily(ish) Millbrook

Sometimes and idea is so simple, only genius could think of it. I stumbled upon this website a few days ago and it's provided plenty of merriment since.

I'll provide a link here with my ordained reader(s) in mind; I'm told I have a lady of the cloth from Gloucester who logs on to this nonsense fairly frequently. Goodness only knows what she makes of my heathenistic rantings, but there you go...

So, hello in Gloucester, hope you enjoy this one!

I highly recommend that readers take a peek at this link. I can't quite decide just how much of a piss-take this is; the text is a reasonably accurate summary of the "original" and some of the images are brilliant. I think it's the content guidance guidance section on the home page that gives the game away.


A pint in the D&C next time I see you there to the first person who investigates the site and sends a comment correctly identifying whose grave is depicted in the photo above.


Anonymous said...

Got to be Joshua. The image tags gave it away!
You may well be impressed with http://www.sincitysounds.com/cheesus/
I know I was.

The Millbrooker said...

It seems I owe a pint at the D&C to "Anonymous"; that'll be difficult, then.