Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Depitty Hits the Railroad

Yesterday was one of those momentous days that households have once or twice during their histories.

Young Depitty Dawg set off for his first night away at Newquay before starting his full time studies in Marine Aquaculture at the Cornwall College campus there.

So, that's called leaving home, then. In classic DD style there was minimal (if any) packing achieved in the run up to getting into the car for his last minute lift to Liskeard to catch the Iron Horse; it might take decades before the words "preparation" and "anticipation" enter the young whippersnapper's vocabulary. I expect I was very little different, truth be told.

Anyway, Mrs The Millbrooker and I were on hand to wave him off and we'll be driving some of his stuff (including the obligatory copy of Delia Smith's complete cookery course - no one should leave home without it) to his new digs tomorrow before rushing back for the traditional Sunday night beanfeast that is the Millbrooker Towers' Film Club.

Here's DD and his mum just before he boarded the 19:04 to Penzance for Par and the old bone shaker from there to Newquay. He's carrying all of the wordly possessions he'd managed to hurriedly stuff into a bag and his most treasured possession, his long-board:

For railway and Liskeard station fans - here's the guard approaching in the distance, ready to dispatch the train as the signalman has given it the road:

I'm sure everyone will join me in wishing DD all the best as he sets out into new pastures and new experiences. It'll be strange not have the kitchen ceiling vibrating with the joyful sounds of Motorhead and their ilk emanating from his room above.

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