Tuesday, September 23, 2008

News From Tripoli

No, really.

Longstanding (long suffering?) readers might remember the tale of Mrs The Millbrooker and me turning up on spec. in South Molton to meet up with my step-daughter from a million years ago in a different life. If you don't remember and have nothing better to do you can click here to read what happened.

Having made contact with her after so many years, Ellie has now moved (possibly permanently) to Libya as a result of some of the more ridiculous aspects of this godforsaken country's immigration laws. She's now living in Tripoli; that's her boy Zaki in the shot above.

Her husband is Libyan; they have a son who was born here in the UK (that'll be my first step-grandson, then). Ellie created, with Ramzi's help, at least two excellent businesses providing employment in North Devon (not an area renowned for its plentiful employment opportunities) and an income for themselves. But he still had to leave before being deported in order to have any hope of being able to return. Naturally he has taken his wife and son with him. That's this country's (and my) loss.

Ellie is, as I'd expect, making the very best of things and has emailed to give some quick bits of news. She's been doing the tourist bit and says the food is great and they've got a decent flat in the centre of Tripoli, but which feels like they're in the countryside. Anyway, here's a couple of shots that she's sent to show what she's been seeing. Here's Ellie and Zaki in the sunshine, I think they're enacting Snow White and the single dwarf (Tripoli arts council budget cuts):

And, with the sun shining a bit too brightly behind, here's Ellie looking very shapely (and considerably taller than usual) in a toga:

Right, flights to Tripoli....

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