Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Just a quickie...

I'm doing early shifts this week - boo! But it does at least mean that I get Friday through to Tuesday off - huzzah! Which gives Mrs The Millbrooker and I time to go to Southampton to see Wizzers - huzzah! And time to visit Milly and Trickers and have spa in Bath - more huzzah! And then to go to London and see Peter Knight and Trevor Watts in concert - yet another huzzah!

I'm sitting here idling the afternoon away after getting out of bed at filthy o'clock this morning whilst the sparrows were still in deep slumber. I've been Googling for any images that might provide a moment's entertainment when I should probably be reading an edifying tome. Or something.

A few minutes ago I played at using Google image search to look for well known Daily(ish) Millbrook themes. I tried "Little Louche Lewis" and this came up:

Slightly worryingly, right next to it in the results display was this one:

"Ok," I thought to myself. "Let's try Dong." Forgetting completely that this might not be a good idea unless the safe search filter was on. As we don't have any children in the household and haven't had for some years, the safe search is, of course, off.

In case this shot isn't big enough to work out what's going on, find it at full size (so to speak) by clicking here for the original version.

Note for the more sensitive amongst Daily(ish) Millbrook readers - this was just about the cleanest photo that came up after searching Dong: don't try this at home without a safety net.

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