Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Less of The Millbrooker

It's one of life's perennial problems. I like food. I like food lots. I like food so much that I have a bigger and more rotund middle section than is either desirable or even remotely attractive. I'm quite fond of a drink as well.

No matter how many quips about one's belly being a verandah over the toy shop, when it comes down to it The Millbrooker is bigger than he should be.

The utterly delicious (and not overly fattening) work of art in the headline shot is an octopus carpaccio that I tucked away one lunch time during our holiday in spring 2005 when I was at my most corpulent, weighing in at around 15st 9lb. Well I was when we left for that Majorcan birdwatching trip, I was probably a bit more than that by the time I ate raw and thinly sliced octopus washed down with a rather good Rioja.

I've not reached the incredible porkiness of those heady days since, but I crept up over the fifteen stone mark some months ago after a spring and summer of slooshing down decent wine and not being remotely careful about how much solid provender I stuffed down my throat. I haven't got a particularly recent shot of the body beautiful, but apart from the change in hairstyle and reduction in facial fungus, this is more or less what I'm talking about. Oh, do pay attention and keep control over your carnal desires, ladies:After our recent Breton holiday I decided that enough was enough and started doing something about the ever expanding waistline. Let's not pretend I'm sylph-like, but I am trying; from 15st5lb to 14st9lb as I write. Huzzah! I'm almost at a decent BMI...another 11lb to go to get below the magic BMI of 25 and be considered "normal" (that'll be a first in so many ways).

The target is 14st dead before Mrs The Millbrooker and I take a break with Milly and Trickers to a mystery destination of Milly's choosing. Just in case you're sad enough to want to stay abreast of progress; when I find myself (as I do this morning) with sweet fanny adams to blog about I'll post an update.

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