Sunday, October 12, 2008

Off To See The Wizzers

Mrs The Millbrooker and I left the peace and civilization of the Rame Peninsula yesterday morning to take the Brown Iron Road and see the wonderful Wizzers of Southampton.

We found the Wiz who was (because of the wonderful drawings she does); she was waiting for us within the Emerald City of Southampton. Ok, that's enough of the Frank L Baum references; Southampton really doesn't stand up to the description of Emerald in the slightest.

It got bombed into oblivion in the war and was rebuilt in stunning neo-brutalist style using masses of reinforced concrete; even Plymouth's dreadfully unappealing city centre seems like a shining beacon of architectural merit in comparison.

Seeing Wizzers, though, was what we were there for and she likes the place, so it's good enough for me on that score alone. First task after dropping off our ludicrously heavy bags was to find a pub for lunch. Wizzers took us to try this architecturally interesting spot:It had nicely kept ale (Ringwood Best), but after ordering a couple of pints we discovered that the "food served all day" signs are true only on days that aren't of the Satur kind. Hey - bonus pint for me and off in search of another feeding trough.

We found ourselves in The Giddy Bridge - it's yet another Wetherspoon's, but like I've said before they do what they do well, and when you're a stranger in town looking for inexpensive eats and decent ale...
Wizzers had attired herself interestingly in a summer dress along with winter boots and tights; aah - the vagaries of fashion amongst the youth; or could it be the fact that since moving into halls she hasn't done any washing so that's what she had left that didn't pong too much? Students, eh?

Wizzers did a good tourist impersonation as she checked a map to locate our whereabouts and kindly ignored me as I waved happily to any passing studenty type whom she mentioned she might have met during her short time in the Hampton that is South. In the background is possibly the only corner of central Southampton that is remotely attractive looking (and it's pretty remote in my 'umble).
All too soon it was time to head back to Wizzers' pad, collect our things and ride the Iron Rooster to Milly's place for the night (more of which anon). To prove we were all there (in the physical sense at least) I felt obliged to do a shot in the lift up to the studently abode.
We're hopeful of a visit in the opposite direction in a couple of weeks when the Wizzers of Soz (it has been Freshers' fortnight and there might have been drink involved) will again tread the civilised streets of Millbrook.

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