Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wriggles in Greece

Mrs The Millbrooker and I have just had an email from Dozybean who's enjoying the sunshine of Hellas with YarMatt and Wriggly Baby.

Apart from the fact that they're away and, presumably, having a ball during their spot of R&R there's no actual news to impart, but the email did come with some shots of the little Wrigglesworth on his first foreign trip as he declares himself well satisfied with the jet set lifestyle of the modern baby.

Ah yes, Club 6 to 36 (months) non-stop partying holidays are the thing for the wee fellow, here he is after a "who can drink the most shots (of milk) competition":And here young Wriggles is seen just before the notorious "impress the girly babies by jumping from the balustrade" incident:
Sometimes the infamous Club 6 to 36 (months) holidays can get quite boys-y; here he is on a lad's drinking session, away from the ladies for once:

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