Friday, October 10, 2008

Wriggly Baby Has a New Cage

Wrigglesworth Baby has been sentenced to several waking minutes in a small cage in the corner of his mummy and daddy's sitting room as he has now learnt the art of moving around and causing mischief.

This means that the normal view of the troublesome creature is now obscured by suitably robust prison bars:The view of the small fellow can be improved by peering over the high security fencing at the new lag as he practices his getaway driving skills on the special green plastic steering wheel which seems to be the favoured toy of the moment, featuring a multitudinous array of buttons to press and resultant noises to gurgle along to:With good behaviour, Wriggles (AKA "Baby-Face") is expected to serve only a short time in The Pen before being allowed out for naps and a glug of milk or some pureed vegetables (but no porridge).

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