Sunday, November 16, 2008

Wrigglers in Action

Dozybean and Wriggly Baby came to visit last week, which is just one of the reasons I've been ludicrously busy; too busy even to have plonked myself in front of the old laptop and write nonsense for the delectation of the eagerly awaiting public.

So - if you're really desperate enough to have noticed that I've not stuck anything up here since Tuesday, my apologies for writing so little in the last few days.

Just as a tide-over here's Wriggly Baby doing what wriggly babies do:

The little wriggler is taking part in a social experiment called "baby led weaning"; I think the idea is to fill 'em up first and then just give them anything edible to play with (and thereby probably stuff into their mouths). This is meant to give an association of fun to food, rather than potentially create a battleground of likes and dislikes.

Wrigglesworth certainly seems to think it's an ok way to do things; he polished off plenty of broccoli during a moderately messy mealtime at Millbrooker Towers. He can be seen indulging his passion for brassica vegetation on a video by clicking here.

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