Wednesday, November 05, 2008

YarMatt Learns About Mess

YarMatt is a tidy wee fellow and, up until about now, has kept his abode at Smallington Towers nicely spick and span.

Here's a couple of examples of YarMatt enjoying himself on holiday a while back. Firstly tidying up the woodpile, making sure the big bits of wood are at one end, and the little bits are at the other, and the middle sized bits are...well you get the idea:
He also found it strangely relaxing to wield a broom during his leisure time:
Imagine, if you will, the impact that having first a Dozybean and shortly thereafter a Wriggly Baby has had on the inner workings of Smallington Towers:
Yes! Discarded toys on the floor! Chewed up bits of tissue strewn around the carpet! And that's not to mention anything that Wriggly Baby might have done.

Here are the culprits, seen shortly after the act of messiness had been perpetrated, seemingly unashamed of themselves amidst their wreckage:

You'll have gathered that Mrs The Millbrooker and I went a-visiting yesterday to see Dozy and Wrigglesworth after their return from Greece. The little fella (Wriggly Baby, not YarMatt) is moving along the highways of baby-dom very quickly and is pulling himself up to a standing position at every opportunity and making proper syllable sounds (although in no particular order).

Here he is with Nana:And here he is being not at all silly or wriggly with Dragon Lord:

Welcome back, YarMatt, Dozy and Wrigglesworth - we're delighted you had a good time in Hellas.

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