Saturday, December 06, 2008

Dozy's Toesies

Dozybean has been to see the nice men and ladies in white coats who do horrid things to bits of you.

This is the outcome of her visit, one completely bandaged and disguised foot (the offending big toe is at the upper end of the photo, behind the blue bit of dressing):Hopalong-a-Dozy has become a favourite family pastime, as has trying to avoid bashing her about in the end-of-leg department. Wriggly Baby has been of no assistance at all in this matter, insisting on wriggling about all over the place as usual; kids. eh?

Fear not, Dozybean fans - it's not a life threatening condition; just a bit on the painful side for the moment. She'll be all twinkle-toed again and ready to resume her ballet career in short order, but just for the short term it's best not to tread on her toes if you want to avoid an ear piercing shriek at banshee-like volume.

In the meantime, Dozybean has been indulging in a fair bit of feet-upping, as evidenced at Millbrooker Towers last Thursday (note reading material; yes - Millbrooker Towers is a Guardian reading household, plenty of sandals and beards here).

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