Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Gigspanner - the CD

I know that lots of you made it to the Maker with Rame Community Hall on Saturday 22nd to see the Gigspanner boys in action at their CD launch party.

Shazzerooneypoos tells me that the place was well packed and that the band were in fine form; Mrs The Millbrooker and I had to miss it because on the evening in question we were at sea between Gran Canaria and La Palma.

Along with many others who ordered an advanced copy of the debut recording by the trio, ours plopped through the letterbox early last month and was immediately slotted into the gramophone.
It's been making the repeated journey from CD shelf (where it sits pleasingly between Orlando Gibbons and Philip Glass in the Millbrooker Towers alphabetically ordered CD collection) to record player ever since.
What point is there in me trying to review it? None that I can think of - I can only recommend that anyone who hasn't got a copy follows this link and gets one now.

However, I can say that the guys have done a great job in transferring their superb live sound into a treat for the listener; meticulous production and engineering values combined with great playing make it a must have for music fans. Peter Knight at his best; Roger Flack doing his thing with finesse and aplomb; Vincent Salzfaas providing a combination of driving rhythm and subtlety that blends the whole sound together into a unique experience for the listener.

Any new readers who've not read my assorted ravings about Gigspanner might like to read about the most recent gig of theirs that I did attend by clicking here.
I believe that the band will be visiting these shores again in June (the 19th, if I'm not mistaken) - watch out for posters and stuff on these pages closer to the date!

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