Monday, January 19, 2009

Alpine Sports in Millbrook

Saturday night saw the Millbrook glitterati out in force despite the driving rain and howling gales - nothing stops the intrepid Safari Supper goers.

Dong and Shazzerooneypoos were in charge of the main course and so had the pleasure of choosing the theme for the dishes; some of you might remember that Mrs The Millbrooker and I got to do that last time and gave our fellow peripatetic guzzlers what I thought was a quite kind "Circles and Spheres". Dong and the Little Lush One tortured us with the theme of "Alpine Winter Sports".

First to rise to the thematic challenge were The Sump and Mrs The Sump, so we trogged through the downpours to Sump Towers and found the most scrummy starter that I've enjoyed for a long while (if you're prepared to share the recipe, Sumps, I'd be grateful). Here's the back of my head shining nicely in a carefully composed shot of us about to tuck into the delicious cheesy treat. Also in shot (clockwise around the table) are The Sump in his new safari top, Comb-Over and Liability, Shazzerooneypoos, Dong and a nice view of Mrs The Sump's hairdo:
Yes - we harked back to the decade that taste forgot and which brought us glam rock and the three day week; we had a fab fondue. I might have accidentally eaten rather more than my fair share - oops.

Next up, we braved the elements once more and trekked across the Dong's pad where a another slurpable treat awaited. Here's some of the merry throng marching through the dark Millbrookian night:Shazzerooneypoos had gone on ahead to make sure her creation was in perfect condition for laying in front of such gourmands, and indeed it was:

For mains Little Louche Lewis had sorted us out with a tartiflette (or was that farty-twit?); very yummy indeed.After we'd made an heroic attempt at emptying Dong's wine cellar, it was time to yomp to Millbrooker Towers where Mrs The Millbrooker was already slightly ahead of the party doing last minute decorating for our pudding offering of an alp made of home-made ice cream, whipped cream snow and edible trees (her's clever at that sort of thing, you know, it even had a piste with flags).When we arranged the date for this Safari Supper, I wasn't working the next day. But an early shift became available and we need the money - so we had to cry off the last treat at Comb-Over Villa to whence everyone else ascended, using specially built crampons, for cheeses, liqueurs and (I believe) some Irish coffees. Sorry to Liability and Comb-Over tha we missed it, and thank you for understanding my unsociability.

Before we waved cheerio to those travelling onwards, however, there was one last tradition of Safari Suppers to keep. The not-at-all rowdy toast to Auntie Jean:As always thanks to everyone who worked so hard and made such yummity things for a hungry Millbrooker to devour. Here's to the next one when The Sump and Mrs The Sump get to make us agonise over how to represent the theme of their choosing.


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