Sunday, January 25, 2009

A New Feature on The Daily(ish) Millbrook

In recent days I've managed to work out how to upload videos to these pages (I have worked this out, I believe around two and a half centuries later than the rest of the world). The evidence is in couple of postings below about going to Bradninch and racing with Dong.

This of course, means I can now bore the pants off everyone with moving pictures - but even better than that, I can make my own "movies" from photos of events that I witter on about with Simon Pauley on Insight Radio, and you get to listen and watch at the same time. You lucky, lucky people.

Here's my first attempt, which should feature some interestingly amateurish audio-to-visual juxtapositioning; it's the chat I had with Simon about the New Year's Day dip with some photos of the day...

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