Thursday, February 05, 2009

A Confusion of Seasons

The Millbrooker-Sis (remember her?)...
...yes, that's right; the one with the exceptional cartwheeling technique. Seen above in 2007 as she eventually got both feet off the ground at the fourteenth attempt.

OK. Back to the purpose of this drivel, The Millbrooker-Sis sent me an email with the very short message "When are we having Christmas?"

I thought I'd play along, I checked my available dates in the coming few months and thought to myself that a few days in Great Malvern with Sleepy-Old-Go-To-Bed (remember him?)...
...and my big sister might be quite fun, having a late Christmas dinner and checking out the local hostelries; you know the sort of thing.

Having made sure that Mrs The Millbrooker was aux-fait with the plans, I called my nearest blood relative to find that her plans involved coming to Millbrook rather than us going to them. No problem - we're convivial types.

Then she said it would be much better at our place because she was going to bring eight of the family along! EIGHT! Now Millbrooker Towers is just about big enough to accommodate that lot in a moderate degree of comfort (which her abode, Sleepy End, Malvern, is not), but talk about cheekily inviting yourself to party!

Seriously, I know we'll have a whale of a time - watch out D&C and any other haunts in and around our little corner of the world on the weekend of 18/19 April. Not only will it be second Christmas in Millbrooker Towers, it's The Millbrooker-Sis's birthday weekend. She's threatened to bring some chocolate flavoured port to drink; I quite like girly sweet drinks - but is this a step too far?

We'll be having Christmas dinner with all the trimmings; a tree will be suitable erected; the fairy lights will be re-hung; presents (second hand or homemade) will be exchanged; the Christmas CDs will get a second airing; film club is likely to be suspended.

So I'll take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry one:

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