Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gina and Her Incredible Vanishng Underwear

I don't very often write about work related stuff (well, not directly, it's fraught with too many dangers). Today I'll make a brief exception, this is a story that needs to be in the public domain.

Allow me to introduce Gina. Gina works alongside yours truly in the haven of calm and serenity that is our office. This shot of her was taken this very morning at the ungodly hour of around 0620, shortly after her arrival in the workplace.Last week Gina went on holiday with her man, to the lake district. It is just possible that they indulged in a little drinkie or two on the train as they headed northwards. This little drinkie was, I believe, supplemented at Birmingham, during a change of train, by some cans of M&S Harvey Wallbanger. Does this begin to sound like going a bit far to you, at all? How sloshed do you need to be before M&S canned cocktails seem like a good idea? I somehow doubt that the Wallbangers in question were quite as attractive as this fine looking specimen:The slightly inebriated duo soon found that something was missing, though; a certain young lady's bag containing nothing more than pants, long boots (worn only once) and an electrical appliance had been left on the train. Gina wouldn't have minded too much - but this was her entire skimpies collection for holiday. And the electrical appliance is something that Gina relies on daily, or she can't get out and about. Or something.

Several frantic 'phone calls later and the bag is located at Edinburgh Waverley Station (unopened, we have to hope, railwaymen are well known for their delicate dispositions and a bag full of fresh feminine undergarments and long boots might have given them palpitations).

Cue our heroine and her man trudging off to spend the night in their hotel, a day of more travel to collect the dis-remembered items (that's forgotten, but with attitude).

They strode into reception to be told that they could only have a twin room - there was no double available. Our trenchant, though undergarment lacking, traveller wasn't a happy bunny and told them so in no uncertain terms. "I booked months ago! You will get us a double room...." and so on...I'm sure you can imagine the ire that can be injected into such scenarios.

This is the offending hotel, The Keswick Lodge:The main problem being that young Miss Shackleton had booked into this one, The George Hotel:Now, I'll grant you that they're both black and white and of a similar looking vintage - so we'll play fair and allow for a mistake anyone could have made. Gina and manfriend slunk to the correct boarding house and finally settled into their room.

But their adventures were not yet over, oh no. Now manfriend's bag was missing; left in reception of the Keswick Lodge, with whom they'd just had a crosspatch moment. I understand he was sent to get it alone.

Now, that's a pretty decent start to a holiday in my book. The second day was spent travelling unwillingly to Edinburgh at great expense to rescue the bag of pants, boots and appliance. I believe the couple then, finally, managed a day or two of R&R. Gina was even kind enough to bring me back a wee bar of Kendal Mintcake.

So, dear reader, the moral of this tale is either don't get bladdered when you're travelling or don't travel with Gina. I leave you to make up your own minds which suits you best.

Chin chin.

(And thanks to Gina for making me laugh for a day and a bit with this one).

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