Sunday, February 08, 2009

Is 60 the new 27?

I'm sure everyone's heard of the "Stupid Club"; famous members include Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Brian Jones and Janis Joplin. Those who died young, more often than not from an over indulgence in the hedonistic lifestyle associated with rock-n-roll.In fact all of the above named died at the age of 27. Stupidly young.

Just recently there seems to have been a spate of "not-quite so-stupid-but-still-didn't-make-old-bones"; is 60 now the expected lifespan of those leading the lifestyle?

Not long ago I posted about the departure from this world of Ron Asheton (aged 60); a few days ago the world learned of the death of another great John Martyn (aged 60). John Martyn lived the lifestyle to such an extent that he lost a leg rather than quit the drink and drugs; was this at least mildly stupid-clubbish? Sixty's better than twenty-seven, but nonetheless, it's hardly a great innings by today's standards in the western world.And then, reading the obits in the Guardian on Friday, I learned that Lux Interior (what a great name, and it's definitely not the one his parents gave him, which was Erick Lee Purkhiser) has died of a heart problem at age sixty. I have absolutely no idea whether his heart gave out due anything other than completely natural causes, but it still gives us three rockers in just a few weeks taking their last bows at the same age. I'm sure it's a club of sorts.

For anyone who has no idea who Lux Interior was, or what he did, here's the man performing with his band The Cramps. I defy you not to at least smile at the sheer ludicrousness of Lux's style (he's the one in red, his wife Poison Ivy Rorschach, is on guitar) and the wonderful song "Naked girl Falling Down The Stairs" (other great titles included "Bikini Girls With Machine Guns" and Slocombe's favourite "Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?"):

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