Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wet Walking

I'm not going to get into a long series of "what I did on my holidays" postings; anyone who reads this nonsense more than once in a very blue moon already has an idea that Mrs The Millbrooker and I spend lots of time trogging through Breton countryside. This is almost invariably followed by a fair-to-middling consumption of biere pression at Bar La Forge and/or (usually "and") some decent-ish plonk once safely back inside Le Bout de Sac.

Here's Bar La Forge in all its glory last September, with Milly and Trickers in the foreground.Yep - that's more or less the entire contents of a Millbrooker holiday and damned fine I consider it, too.

I am, though, just going to let you in on how we bravely fought our way through a seemingly impassible "circuit" (circular walk) when we reached our first sighting on this trip of the Nantes-Brest Canal:At this point the canal is actually the river Hyere, just before it meets with the slightly larger Aulne. It's deep and moderately swift flowing. It's the water on the right of the shot above.

Hmmm, should we try and wade this or should we turn back? Well, naturally, being slightly dim and with one half of the couple partially sighted, we carried on. L'Hyere is also the water on the right of the exceedingly handsome and intrepid gentleman with the white stick:Here it's the swirling deep muddy coloured stuff on Mrs The Millbrooker's right (so that's left of shot for anyone having trouble keeping up):Pleasingly we did, of course, survive this unaccustomed bout of derring-do and were to be found some time later enjoying a dinner of Dong's favourite pork by-product, Andouille de Guemene (the translation on this link is dodgy, but it gives a decent idea). That's chitterlings or pig's intestines rolled up into a sausage for the uninitiated; Dong, I'm sure, will use some interesting phraseology should anyone care to buy him a small supply of this delicacy for his upcoming birthday celebrations.That'll do for the holiday diaries - back to the usual drivel after this. Film Club reconvenes tomorrow...

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