Monday, March 23, 2009

More music from friends

It's high time that blog readers got introduced to The Runk Collective.

The Runks are based in sunny (probably) Glasgow and feature the ever-lovely Simon Pauley on his bent tube thingy. The rest of the Collective comprises Lukasz 'dzapan' Stecki on guitar (no - I have no idea what dzapan means) and Szymon Ostasz on the skins. If I've read their MySpace page correctly they're now working with Lee Ireland on bass and a debut studio album is in the offing.

Anyway enough preliminaries, lend an ear to this track "Forgotten Promises"; Simon sent me a copy so I thought I'd share it with you. Oh my! What lucky people you are. The accompanying photos are all stolen from assorted web pages and might or might not feature the correct line-up, but I do recognise the man with the sax.

If you like what you're hearing try visiting the MySpace page for more; perhaps we can tempt them into a nationwide tour of Millbrook.

1 comment:

Lukasz said...

"dzapan" means- "japan" is polish version:)))it`s nick name:PP
regards dzapan:))