Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Round Numbers Are Always Nice

After a long day's slaving over a hot set of particularly dim train users, I have finally managed to sit in front of the old laptop and check today's viewing figures and am mightily pleased to see exactly 11000 hits since I started this seemingly endless stream of nonsense.

This figure might rise by a couple before the night is done - but 11000 is where it stands as I write.

So - whoever it was in Kidderminster (unless that's just where their ISP resides) who found me through a google blog search by typing in "Millbrooker" today at 6:16 and 57 seconds (pm), I am mightily grateful for your checking up on me; you were the 11000th so to do and you're most welcome.

Why do people keep reading this stuff? Beats me. But I'm very pleased they (and you) do; it keeps me out of mischief (mostly).

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