Saturday, April 04, 2009

Another Birthday

Yesterday saw a fleeting visit to Millbrooker Towers by YarMatt and Dozybean (complete with Intoeverythingsworth) en-route to their hidey-hole in deepest Kernow where they intended to celebrate YarMatt's sixth birthday*.

Mrs The Millbrooker had whistled up one of her yummity cakes; this one "iced" with melted mars bars and filled with chocolate sauce. As evidenced in this shot, we don't do wussy candle lighting here in Millbrook; flamethrowers (well, crème brulée torches) only.

YarMatt, being marginally suspicious of this household (not without cause) questioned whether we'd stuck relighting candles in the cake just to make him work harder... would we do a thing like that? Umm - yes we would.

After much huffing and puffing (and a little bit of help from some moistened fingers pinching out the last recalcitrant candle), birthday boy duties were completed with a ceremonial cutting of chocolate goo. This was immediately followed by appropriate sharing and lots of mess.

Happy Birthday, YarMatt - hope you're having a great time down country.

*YarMatt is now 42: 4 + 2 = 6. (Use this formula to calculate your age and you never get any older than 9. For example, my next birthday will be my 46th: 4+6=10. 1+0=1; I shall be 1. Highly recommended).

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