Wednesday, April 01, 2009

New Resident at Millbrooker Towers

On Monday a box was delivered to Millbrooker Towers by the Torpoint branch of the Cats' Protection League containing one extraordinarily shy and scaredy cat.

For the entire first day and night the only glimpse of the creature obtainable was by lying on the floor and peering around the curtains into the preferred hiding place:Last night, though, after we'd all been sitting quietly for a while she decided to emerge and try a little exploring. She quickly discovered The Wizzers of Soz and decided to adopt the young student as her friend for the evening.So, anyway, here's the wee rescue cat in all her glory. She's, as yet, unnamed by the Millbrooker clan. The CPL people had dubbed her Suki (some of you might have seen her photo in the window of the hardware shop when they advertised for a new home on her behalf), but we're not keen on that moniker.Current favourite ideas include Tortue or Kazh; eventually we'll come up with something. Frankly, though, all cats seem to end up with a "proper" name and then also with whatever you call them on a day-to-day basis. Take our own Trelawney, for example. He's usually just known as "stupid cat", because he's not very bright.He's sulking at the moment, because he'd got a bit used to being an only cat. I'm sure he'll cope in a few days and we'll get back to a household unbothered by the sound of keening and growling felines followed by the scuttling paws of a small furry flounce.

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dch said...

He looks like a "Ceefer" to me!