Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Gigspanner Tickets On The Way

A quick message to all those readers who've asked me to get hold of tickets for the hottest gig in town...

The order has just gone off, so you all owe me a tenner per ticket once the credit card bill comes in (you've got about 3 weeks).

This is what I've ordered: Dorothy and Arbuthnot 2 tickets; The Sump Towers mob 3 tickets; Dozybean and YarMatt 2 tickets; BathNick 1 ticket; The High Lord of Southwick 1 ticket; Liability and Comb-Over Meeson 2 tickets; Slocombe 2 tickets; Dong and Shazzerooneypoos 4 tickets; Jedders and Anne 2 tickets.

My fingers and toesies are twisted around each other in the hope I've not left anyone out... but if I have, you know where to find me; the comments link is always open and most of you know my email address.

boys will be performing their magic on

19th June

at Maker with Rame Community Hall, Kingsand

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