Sunday, May 31, 2009

How to dress on hot days

Mrs The Millbrooker and I took a trip to Bath yesterday; a genuine "flying" visit. We were on the 8:52 from Plymouth, getting into Bath's Georgian splendour and and the sanctuary of The New Inn in Monmouth Place (my favourite pub in town) for lunch with Milly and Trickers by midday.

We left again straight after a matinee performance at The Ustinov Studio (separate posting to follow) on the 17:07 and got back to the civilized climes of Millbrook before nine in the evening.

You might have noticed that Helios the sun god has been smiling upon us these last few days, so dressing appropriately seemed the order of the day.
I selected some very light chinos, a colourful tee-shirt and my old faithful seersucker summer jacket topped off with a Panama. I might not be the slimmest man at Westbury station, but I was relatively cool despite wearing what I would term city apparel.

We were accompanied for the first bit of the journey (from Plymouth to Westbury) by one young Wizzers of Soz en-route to Southampton for the night to collect some of her stuff before a summer back in Cornwall.

Can we spot her in this shot?
Yep, that's the one: 25° heat and well wrapped in nice snug boots, tights, skirt, jumper and coat properly buttoned up against the chill.

Never was one to take a chance against the vagaries of the English weather, was Wizzers. Can't be too careful, you know.

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