Thursday, May 21, 2009

We're Back!

Up until July 2007 Mrs The Millbrooker and I compiled and hosted the ever so slightly legendary Mark of Friendship Quiz Nights.

With all the changes and upheavals in the dear old 'Ark over recent months seemingly now settled down into a gentle bonhomie under Dick and Megan's watchful eyes, we're going to have another go.

So, by way of a bit of advertising, here's the text of the posters that will be appearing around Millbrook in the coming few days:

"They’re Back…..
With The (slightly) Legendary


100 questions, 100 points.
Teams of up to four, £1 per person entry.

Thursday June 11th
Start: 8PM PROMPT"
I know some of the old regular teams' members read the nonsense that I put up here, so we hope to see you there; the question compiling is almost completed!

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