Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Birthday Time Again

As the 10th of June dawns, at least two of the finest people of the Millbrookian persuasion will be beginning their once a year day.
Both Liability and yours truly will be celebrating our 1st birthdays; sadly there won't be a joint "do" because Mrs The Millbrooker and I have been called away for a funeral (very birthday-like) and whilst I hope to have quite a few more birthdays, dear Barbara (an old friend of Milly's and a non-related "aunt" to Mrs The Millbrooker) will only have the one send off.

So - here's wishing Liability a tremendous and very happy birthday; we'll have a glass or two of the old dancing juice at the weekend.
And here's wishing me a decent day, too. I'm looking forward to the evening and an enormous steak in the Boathouse restaurant in Bath where they do a 20oz rump - oh yes I can and oh yes I will. And because it's my birthday, Mrs The Millbrooker will probably help my overstuffed digestive system with a nice tummy-rub afterwards whilst I moan about being fat.
Mrs The Millbrooker and I will be back on Thursday afternoon, ready for the first Mark of Friendship quiz night that we'll have hosted since June 2007 - 8pm start; hope to see you there.

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