Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Your Chance to Win an Original by David Roberts

Ladies and Germs, I'm pleased to announce that Mrs The Millbrooker and I are going to be trying to raise a quid or two on behalf of everyone's favourite Cousin Dave (unless you happen to have your own near-ish relative called Dave, in which case you might prefer him or her).

Cousin Dave (below in typical pose)..., as most readers are aware something of a clever old bugger when it comes to creating beautiful sculptures in glass. His lady love, Penny Potter, is no slouch in the creativity department, either; she's a fine and highly regarded ceramic artist.

The fact is that Cousin Dave has to go to London for a week to complete his degree in applied arts and has a place at the New Designers 2009 exhibition - but this needs funding. For PCAD, in common with most educational establishments, and for Cousin Dave, in common with almost all full time students, funds are hard to come by.

So, to help raise enough for the talented artist of the clan to further his career and make an impression in the big smoke, he's raffling one of his finest pieces to date. It's called Glass Wave and I hate to think of the retail value once Dave gets the recognition he genuinely deserves.

Another, equally superb art work is on the prize shelf as well. It's called Meander Vase and is by Penny Hegenbarth (AKA Penny Potter):For your chance to win one of these outstanding works, all you have to do is buy a strip of tickets for a piffling little pound from Mrs The Millbrooker or me over the coming couple of weeks.

Here are Cousin Dave's own words as he advertises this potential bargain of a lifetime:

"These beautiful handmade artworks are prizes in a raffle to raise funds to help me to get to New Designers 2009. This event is part of the final module of my degree course but is entirely self funded. I hope you feel you can help and who knows “it could be you”

Many thanks for your support


So - all of the Millbrook glitterati can expect us to try and tap them up for a quid (or two if you're feeling generous) and I hope a Millbrookian wins!

Anyone else who'd like to help out and buy a strip of tickets, just send a comment to this posting with contact details and we'll sort out how to get your money! Or just send me an email, that's just as effective.

Go on, you know you want to.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, please! Two strips, and I'll hand over the money on the 11th.

DB. xxx