Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The High Lord Recommends

I thought I should share a recommendation recieved from The High Lord of Southwick this morning via the modern magic of email.

I've clicked on the link: http://www.buffalogals.co.uk/ that the High Lord suggests, and he's right - this band is very very good indeed. Have a click for yourself and listen in on a couple of tracks.
The closest this bunch are going to get to us is next month at the Cornish Bluegrass Association Festival in Newquay on 18th-20th September. Sadly I don't think any of the Millbrooker Towers clan can make it - but perhaps you can...
"Hi The Millbrooker,

I hope things are well in sunny Cornwall. Last weekend I went along to our local theatre, the friendly Merlin in Frome, to see various musicians playing a benefit concert, in aid of the Merlin (they're short of funds). I discovered an amazing band I would like to recommend to you, they play all over, particularly in the South West. If they come to your area they're well worth going to see. Called the Buffalo Gals, to quote from their website at http://www.buffalogals.co.uk/ 'The Buffalo Gals'.

"Firmly rooted in traditional American music, Buffalo Gals’ authentic style is infused with their own unique brand of excitement and energy. Driven by fiddle, banjo, percussive step dance, and soaring harmonies, they produce an irresistible show in the time-honored style of the old country string band."

A real, old time, backwoods American band, with a mix of Cajun & mountain music. Six people, four women & two men. Fiddle (2 in fact, both tuned in a different ways), banjo (again two, they explained that the old time mountain banjo had different tuning for each key, so the two banjos had to be re-tuned several times), ukulele (you'll like that, but not a flying one), guitar & big bass.

The percussion on the dance tunes was provided by a tap dancer who did amazingly well. I could see how the Irish dancing was the main influence in American mountain dancing. As I've been writing this e-mail I've just been on their website & bought they're latest album 'Won't Get Trouble in Mind'. I highly recommend them to you. You'll be tapping your foot all evening. They're not only great musicians but also tell great anecdotes.I'd also like you to pass on my congratulations to Sharon on passing her land law exams. A brilliant achievement.

Take care of yourselves,
His Highness The High Lord of Southwick"
Thanks for the tip, High Lord, a great discovery. Bring the album next time you're in Millbrook; I'd love a listen.

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