Monday, August 24, 2009

More Boat Trip Frolics

This morning my email inbox had a wee messagette from Mr B (of The Leaderene and Mr B fame).

Apparently the hard copies of some photos featuring everyone's favourite D&C serving wench were spirited away as soon as said barkeeper's moll got her hands on them.

In the spirit of journalistic pride, Mr B believes that such things belong in the public domain.

So, just to demonstrate the untoward goings on during the Cremyll-Barbican-Calstock trip between Margaret and her beau for the evening, Bill, here they are in, what I believe is referred to in less upstanding and august publications as, red hot action on the upper decks.
Firstly, cruising up river in gentle opening scene mode; note outrageous eyelid fluttering in the second shot.

As the boat arrived in Calstock things are bubbling along nicely, as we move into Richard Desmond's TV channel territory.

Ah well, that's me barred from the D&C for the foreseeable. Thanks for the material Mr B; I owe you a drink, Margaret.

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