Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Pulling Sheets in the Wind

Cap'n Sump was kind enough to take me out sailing aboard his yellow surmarine, Syzygy, on Sunday.

I deliberately didn't take the camera for two reasons. Firstly, it was quite windy and I thought the chances of a wetting were quite high; secondly because I just wanted to enjoy the sail and not spend too much time thinking about how I was going to present it as a blog posting.

Luckily for fans of waterborne photography The Wizzers of Soz was out on another boat with Matt and his Mum (no - they've not featured here before).
Matt's mum, Mary, took a some shots as we overtook them in a race filled with derring-do in which the finish line was decided (by Cap'n Sump and me) as being wherever we overtook them. It might have been a fairer race if we'd told them we were racing. Tee hee.

This is me at the tiller just as we overhauled our quarry aboard the famed catamaran "Snailspace".
Shortly afterwards, Cap'n Sump took control as the amount of traffic increased and he considered it politic to have a fully sighted person steering.
This is us heading away after our famous victory over the good ship Snailspace as we sailed towards a trip around the breakwater.

Great fun. Thanks to Cap'n Sump; I'm looking forward to going out again when we can coincide.

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