Sunday, August 16, 2009

So Little Talent - Such a Wonderful Act

Perhaps its the aging punk rocker in me. Perhaps it's just that I've always loved performers who have their own unique schtick and insist on giving it regardless of whether it's actually any good or not.

Whatever. I used to adore this guy when I was a kid. Mrs The Millbrooker doesn't remember him at all. My step-children simply look askance at me when I describe this entertaining spectacle.

Ladies and Gentleman, The Daily(ish) Millbrook is delighted to reintroduce to an adoring public the great, the outstanding, the unbelievable Bob Blackman. Winner of consecutive Opportunity Knocks heats. A man for whom stage craft meant little, simply being there was enough. His act has remained a favourite in the deep inner recesses of my psyche since boyhood. This clip is the entire act; he didn't, to my knowledge, ever do anything else. Brilliant.

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Hee. Riiiiight...