Thursday, August 06, 2009

Success to Shazzerooneypoos

As Mrs The Millbrooker and I were wandering around the disappointingly dull (and even more disappointingly delicatessen-free) Torpoint Sainsbury's yesterday in search of the stuff that you can't get elsewhere, we got a text message from Shazzerooneypoos.

"I passed!"

Professor Cleverooneypoos of Millbrook has spent the last couple of hundred years with her head buried in dusty tomes, cramming her little (but rapidly expanding) brain with facts, figures and thoughts concerning land law. Her final exams were completed a while back and yesterday she got her results. A pass at degree level of a high 2:1 equivalent.
Mrs The Millbrooker hastily texted back resulting in the Prof and her research assistant Dong arriving at Millbrooker Towers with a bottle or two of pink bubbly stuff to celebrate. The slurping at Millbrooker Towers was not, of course, the first toast of the day; the Little Lush Professoripoos had been celebrating long and hard with Liability, amongst others, beforehand as well.

We did the honours......and quickly settled down to slurping more pink bubbles and a decent quantity of not-bubbles from Bordeaux.So a hearty "well done, Shazzerooneypoos" from the pages and (I'm sure the readers) of The Daily(ish) Millbrook. Enjoy a break - you deserve it.

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