Friday, August 28, 2009

A Surprise Visit

There we were, Mrs The Millbrooker, Auntie Pat and me, sitting around the kitchen table at Millbrooker Towers; munching away at our thrown together dinner, when our peaceful (and endless) musings were shattered by the doorbell's untuneful chiming.

"Well, we're eating - so it's probably Piers 'Tea-Time' Taylor", I thought as Mrs The Millbrooker trotted down the hallway.

"Good God! It's Peter!" came the cry from the front door.

And so it was. Mr Knight of Gigspanner and Steeleye Span fame himself had come a-knocking to let us know that he and Debs were in town.Arrangements duly made, we made our way to the D&C for Monday night's regular jazz session where Tony Harris and his boys were of quintet proportions for the evening (Tony tinkling the keyboard, Ian on drums, Richard on double bass, Bill on trumpet and the ridiculously talented Dan on sax).

Beginning the evening, Lucy Lowe and The Flying Scotsman were occupying a small table at the non-music end of the bar; we joined them and were soon joined in turn by the rather well oiled Shazzerooneypoos and Liability who'd been on the sauce since one o'clock that afternoon. Here's the Holmes Chapel Blogger herself complete with Pictish husband and inebriated short person (also visible at the bar is Tiger, hand raised in supplication as he hopes for another little drinkie). Not too long after (and in post-prandial good humour), Peter and Debs made their entrance and we all re-assembled at the music end of the bar to enjoy some of Tony's cool sounds.During a break, Dan joined the merry throng and the Fiddlemeister-in-Chief indulged in some musicianly conversation about improvisation and the like, a vast majority of which went right over my head; so I rudely interrupted the flow by blinding everyone with a camera flash. (Foreground: Dan Hillman, with the hair; everyone else L-R Peter, Debs, Mrs The Millbrooker, Auntie Pat).Meanwhile, Liability and The Little Lush Lewis were continuing their quest for legendary insobriety amidst much giggling (Liability) and even more cackling (Shazzerooneypoos). Here they are twixt Auntie Pat, Matt In The Cat and The Wizzers of Soz (who were completely stone-cold sober).Eventually the dancing juice got the better of them and in the arguably erroneous belief that they made a twinkle-toed pairing, they took to the floor like a partnership of John Sargents.
As the evening drew to a close, Dong arrived back from doing something peculiar with beermats in Wigan and enjoyed a beer or two as he explained his philosophy on staying in key whilst performing unaccompanied folk-songs.
Just to prove that I was there too, here's Peter playfully slapping my nose using his renowned "behind-Debs'-head" manoeuvre...
...and another in which Debs doesn't look three sheets to the wind like in the other one. What a great evening - plentiful and well kept ale, company of the best, some excellent music made by our own local heroes and a floor show of intense spritzer-fuelled silliness from Shazzerooneypoos and Liability. What more could you ask?

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