Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Few Words on Being Beaten Up

The Millbrooker-Sis kindly offered to feed the four of us on Saturday at the semi-palatial space which she shares with Sleepy-Old-Go-To-Bed in Malvern Wells.

Their freezer currently contains a large portion of Pig number 3 from a nearby farm and Sis decided to donate some hefty slices to the digestive systems of Millbrook's holidaying horde.

This is Shazzerooneypoos and Mrs The Millbrooker being closely watched by a very hopeful Jasper as they collect nibbles in the living room before we sat down to eat the mains.
Two plateloads of cold meat and frittata later, we were summoned to the kitchen to take our places at the altar of Pig Number 3. In the shot below from L-R: Mrs The Millbrooker, Sleepy-Old-Go-To-Bed, Dong and Shazzerooneypoos. I'm behind the camera and Sis is doing something with vegetables behind me. And here's the bits of Pig Number 3 that we chomped.Once we'd eaten our fill of Piggy 3 (perhaps I should explain that Sis had bought direct from the farm; farmers tend not to give names to their animals - hence Pig Number 3). Sis brought pudding; it was a fresh strawberry jelly which we decided was actually strawberry soup as the gelatine hadn't done its job. Absolutely delicious, mind.
"So what's all this about being beaten up?" I hear you ask.

Sis and Sleepy-Old-Go-To-Bed have invested in one of those infernal computer game thingies. It's called a Wi-i (or something) and she insisted on firstly playing ten pin bowling at which both Sleepy-Old-Go-To-Bed and I scored better than she did.

Then she changed program and we were on Wi-i Fit (whatever that means) and a boxing ring appeared on screen. No explanation of how it works, just a "hold this and wave your hands about".
Needless to say it was bit like leading a Millbrooker to the slaughter as forty six years of pent up sibling rivalry oozed from the squealing Sis and she whacked, punched, hammered and bashed me from here to kingdom come.
After beating seven virtual bells out of me, my dear Sis then took me apart at tennis and laughed uproariously as I crashed out of ski jumping having failed completely to actually jump; turning into an almighty virtual snowball tumbling down a virtual slope. You'll have realised that I don't really do computer games...
Dong, however, with typical insouciance, sauntered up to the plate to demonstrate his superior skiing skills. he managed a creditable
distance in the ski jump and an almost respectable time in the slalom. Here he is in full flight.

I must say, I did enjoy the Wi-i experience; won't be rushing out to buy one, but it was fun having a bash at it. And it certainly raises the heart rate at times.

Sis then ran us back in her Sis-mobile to the Park View apartment in Great Malvern where bed awaited like a welcoming old friend.

Enormous thanks, of course, to The Millbrooker-Sis and to Sleepy-Old-Go-To-Bed for entertaining us all so royally; excellent food, great company and very silly games. What an evening.

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A pleasure - I enjoyed the evening greatly sisx