Wednesday, September 23, 2009

J. Edgar Makes A Uniformed Appearance

Most readers (being relatively local) will already know that HMS Raleigh enjoys the freedom of the town of Torpoint. Not much of an honour for such an establishment when one considers that Torpoint is a boil on the bum of the Cornwall-Devon borderlands, but as HMS Raleigh is within the town's boundaries it seems more or less appropriate.

Quite some while back, I let readers know that Dong's lad, J.Edgar, was signing up and becoming a jolly sailor. He's now very nearly at the end of his basic training at Raleigh.

Dong has kindly sent me a link to a story published by the navy about how J.Edgar spent his birthday marking his place of work's freedom to march up and down in Torpoint.

Readers of sufficiently long standing might also like to note the minor adjustments that have been made to J.Edgar's appearance in the last few weeks. Not least, he appears to have taken to wearing a mushroom on his bonce; probably in case he gets peckish between meals with all that running about and square bashing they make him do.

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Don said...

He seems to have taken a course at the Cheesy Grin school as used and recommended by Shazeroonypoos.