Monday, September 21, 2009

La Sumpetta's Unfortunate Adventure

Cap'n Sump and La Sumpetta should have arrived home today (or possibly yesterday) after their frolics in Turkey and Greece.

During their sojourn, we've had a brace of emails from Cap'n Sump. The first of which featured some shots of their boating adventures on a gulet, motoring around the Turkish coast and the Greek islands of Kos and Simi (I gather Simi was their favoured spot out of the two).

Here's Cap'n Sump doing what he does whilst cleverly growing a second head:And here's the frolicsome pair in relaxed mode as La Sumpetta fondles her young Turkish friend.The second missive was somewhat longer than the first, but featured fewer photos. Sadly their planned itinerary, pencilled in for a relaxing stay ashore, didn't turn out as planned. I'll leave this for Cap'n Sump's own words:

"Monday morning after breakfast Arzu the manager of the Villa Asina turned up on a scooter to escort us to the hotel. Fortunately there was also a minibus for us and our luggage.

We were welcomed to the hotel about a mile outside Datca with a Rose Petal Sherbet . After unpacking Sue took a lounger by the pool while I had a quick swim. We decided we would go and explore the local beach after booking our evening meal. As Sue walked back to the pool area to collect her towel she slipped on the decking.

Our stay in the Villa Asina was over she had broken her ankle 1 hour after arriving.

We spent the next week in a clinic in Marmaris with several trips by ambulance to other hospitals and clinics for X-Rays, MRI Scans and the operation. Sue now has a metal plate and 8 screws in her left ankle.

...Saturday Sue had her dressing changed, all looks good and the Medical Travel people are trying to get us a flight on Sunday.

Note Turkish Ambulances go everywhere with the blue lights and two tones on. Driving flat out even if it makes the paramedics in the back throw up, don’t get between them and the windows."

Here's La Sumpetta in some red hot MRI action, a truly Millbrookian alternative to the normal holiday activities. As Cap'n Sump puts it "...anything to get out of carrying the luggage...".

I'm sure everyone will join me in wishing La Sumpetta a speedy recovery and in sending best wishes for more conventional and less painful holidaying in future.

Rotten luck, guys; see you soon for a beer and a good Millbrookian time. I'm looking forward to hearing your tales of derring-do.

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