Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Film Club to Reconvene

There's not been a film club evening for a while, what with Mrs The Millbrooker and me running away (albeit temporarily this time) to France and my new shift pattern getting in the way.

But this Sunday evening, usual time, usual place, we'll have another presentation for the delectation of the regular (long suffering?) film clubbers.

Cinema Paradiso beat the imminent postal strike and this week's offering plopped onto the doorstep this morning. Just for a change I can promise that we're not going sit through anything violent, grimly realistic, arty-farty or difficult. Nor is it in a foreign language (unless you count American English as foreign, which I suppose it is really). No, indeed, this week's 90 minute wonder is a gentle rom-com and Mrs The Millbrooker and I thoroughly enjoyed it ten years ago. I wonder if it's stood the test of time?

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