Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Graham Does Mess Making

Way way back, more moons ago than I really care to remember, we had a minor infestation of Graham at Millbrooker Towers. I stuck up a post about it. You might have even vaguer memories of it than me. He spent pretty much all the (very wet) summer of 2007 rebuilding our roof.

Graham is one of the those clever chappies who can do practical things like build walls, re-create Georgian roofs and hang doors correctly so they don't bash the door frame every time you try to shut them.

Graham is also back at Millbrooker Towers and is working one of those wee miracles that he's so good at. Here's Graham kneeling at the altar of the ancient Roman god Floorboardupitus as Mrs The Millbrooker makes obeisance in the same direction.Yes, the Millbrooker Towers' front room (rear end) is suffering from a bit of moistness where moistness ought not to be and the gallant Graham has ridden to our rescue to do battle with the rising wet stuff that's been mysteriously appearing up our back corner.

By the end of the day, the sitting room (forward end) was fit for habitation having been protected by Graham's ingenious use of dust sheets and acro-props to create a room-within-a-room as he made lots of mess by destroying the wall's outer covering.The result of day one's labours isn't pretty, but it should provide our man with a suitable canvas upon which to paint his wonders and keep our rear end dry.The Big G is here again today; the sound of his drills and assorted instruments of injection is drifting not-so-gently upstairs as I write. I'm sure you'll anxiously await the next instalment of building works photos from Mrs The Millbrooker's and my rear corners.

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