Friday, November 27, 2009

As I Mentioned....

Apologies to the legion of readers who've written in their thousands (ok - in their nones) to protest at the dearth of postings these last seven days.

I've spent the last week in a seemingly unending series of long shifts at my delightful workplace...Having finally reached a hiatus in my employer's entirely unreasonable expectation that I turn up to work for the hours that I'm paid for, I once again have time to sit here and write nonsense for anyone's delectation who cares to spend a minute or two perusing these pages.

As I mentioned in an earlier posting, this new roster which I'm obliged to adhere to means that posting here is all a bit more "ish" than daily.

Never mind - I don't have to go and pander to the great British public's need for rail tickets until Wednesday and there's a packed weekend of activity ahead including Loki's christening on Sunday and Film Club on Tour at Helen's place that evening.

The Depitty is home for a few days from his non-stop studenting at Newquay complete with his newly acquired menagerie (two guinea pigs called Gloria and Raffa): photos to follow (oh, you lucky people).

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