Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Blackberry Slurpables: An Update

Way back in the mists of time (September) I began the adventure of making my first ever batch of home made wine.

It was all very exciting; crushing blackberries gently in warm water, adding yeast and sugar and whatnot. The resultant mush fermented for a while in a big bucket and then got poured into an air locked demijohn.

And now, this very day, I finally got around to sticking it into bottles.

This involved sucking on a siphon and trying to get the flowing liquid into the neck of each bottle without pouring too much of it all over the floor.After a bit of mess making, we now have five bottles of reasonably clear red liquid that has the makings of a decent tipple, if I say so myself.

It tastes (from the minuscule snifter I got through operating the siphon) as rough as a badger's arse at the moment, but give it a few months to mellow in the bottle and I have high hopes of it being perfectly palatable. Possibly even quite pleasant.There's more potentially yummy stuff fermenting as I write, and we could do with some bottles, so if any Millbrookian readers have some used screw-top wine bottles (complete with intact and working tops); don't stick them in the recycling, we'll be pleased to take them for re-use. And re-use is better than recycle!

This isn't a request for a thousand empties to be dumped on the doorstep of Millbrooker Towers; we only need a dozen or so, thank you in the cheap seats.

Chin chin.

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