Friday, November 27, 2009

Insight Radio: the Podcast

I've had a little spare time on my hands today and I might (I stress the "might") have found a solution to my long standing problem of how to get the monthly(ish) Insight Adventures onto these pages.I've been doing these chats with sax-player extraordinaire, dangerman-electric-cyclist, DJ, broadcaster and all-round-sex-god Simon Pauley on his Morning Mix show for well over a year now and although I've got copies of everything he's ever broadcast featuring yours truly, I've not been able to find a suitable way of getting the 10 minute pieces up here for everyone who reads this to ignore.

But now I've discovered Podcasting. I've opened a site at and there are three of the more recent Insight Adventure chats already uploaded.

Even cleverer, though, I can upload each piece individually to here:

If you click on the jobby above you get to hear me wittering on about hawking at the Dartmoor Hawking School of Falconry.

If you click on the one below, you get me talking utter nonsense about riding on steam trains on the Severn Valley railway.

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Hmm, perhaps, I've finally cracked it.

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Anonymous said...

Well Mr the millbrooker, i'm wel impresswed with your grasp on technology. I will have to employ some of yor expertise for The Runk Collective'a march to fame...lolol!d