Sunday, December 06, 2009

Maker Wish

Everyone's favourite Mollie Sugden impersonator told us all about the Maker Wish event last week at Film Club, so we thought it only right and proper to go along and have a peep at what those clever Maker Heights people have been up to.
Maker Wish is a Christmas art and craft fayre and get-together at, you've guessed it, Maker Heights. Unlike most events up there in the mountainous regions 'twixt Millbrook and Kingsand/Cawsand, Maker Wish is centred in the Nissen huts with some other stuff going on at or around The Random Arms (including a resident Father Christmas and a pony and trap ride).

Mrs The Millbrooker and I didn't make it as far as The Random Arms (boo!) due to having hectic schedules, but we did enjoy a decent wander around the main event where we met up with Slocombe who was doing important tee-shirt arranging and poster pinning.
Film Club's most irregular attender, Helen (whose brain-child Maker Wish is), was also much in evidence as she jumped into view (bottom right) just as my mobile phone's inadequate camera snapped a view of the proceedings.I have no idea how successful the event was from the organisers' perspective, but I do hope it was very successful indeed. Mrs The Millbrooker and I thoroughly enjoyed rooting around for potential gifts (we designated locally produced stuff like this as "home made or second hand" so it was ok to buy presents without breaking our self-imposed rules).

I'm pleased to report that we did get a couple of very nice things. But I can't tell you what because otherwise their recipients might read all about what they're about to receive 19 days before they should.

yes - you read right: NINETEEN days; oh good-god and I've done practically nothing...

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