Wednesday, December 23, 2009

World's Best Christmas Cracker Joke

The dear old Guardian ran a few "alternative" Christmas cracker jokes submitted by assorted well known people last weekend.

The winner in my 'umble, as told by the glorious Jo Brand.
"There were two cats. An English one called One Two Three and a French one called Un Deux Trois.

The two cats had a swimming race around a lake.

Which one of them won?

One Two Three of course, because Un Deux Trois quatre cinq. "


Judith said...

Thanks for this! I would have missed that Guardian story otherwise. Now I have some jokes to make everyone groan at Christmas dinner. Cheers.

Rob said...

Right, Joshua! This is where I get my own back ......

Okay, why do French people only have one egg for breakfast?

Because France one egg is un oeuf.


Cheers, Rob.