Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Not Cooking Day

Most days when I'm not working, Millbrooker Towers' kitchen becomes my own little domain and some semblance of a decent meal gets prepped, cooked and plonked on the table.

Of course, on days when I am working, Mrs The Millbrooker takes over such activities.

Yesterday, I wasn't working but I really didn't fancy the job and Mrs The Millbrooker had just spent a few hours driving to and from Newquay with The Depitty, so she didn't fancy the job either.

Despite the parlous state of The Millbrooker household's finances we decided, in the interests of the local economy as a whole, that Russell and Mark could do with a minor boost to their takings.

It turned into a bit of a feast; we all did starters. May I recommend Russell's very yummy home made crab cakes with sweet chilli sauce?Agreed, not a great photo and The Depitty had already polished off his salad garnish, but trust me the crab cakes were delicious.

Then came mains. Now, I haven't done this for a long time, but the legendary Devon and Cornwall mixed grill was winking at me from the menu. I'm not entirely sure whether I should be proud of myself or mildly ashamed.With an apologetic nod towards New Zealand and our new friend Judith who might be on a fasting day, I'll list the contents of this magnificent feast. As I have done on occasion before. 2 sausages, 2 fried eggs, large gammon steak, 6oz rump steak, grilled tomato, onion rings, peas, chips and a salad garnish (just so it doesn't look too unhealthy). You'll note from the photo above that it doesn't come on a plate; it's too big, so it's served on a ceramic tray-like jobby with carrying handles. Huzzah!

And, dear reader, yes I can polish the whole lot off after a starter and before a pudding. (I excuse myself from the teensy bit of rump steak fat and gristly stuff).Mrs The Millbrooker was infinitely more sensible, choosing something new from the menu: a plateful of braised pheasant which looked much more decorous before she plopped the dish load of vegetable accompaniment into the sauce.

The old war cry always arises on such occasions, "there's always room for pudding", and so it proved as Russell delivered a beautiful portion of his own baked rice pudding, positively alive with the delicious aroma of nutmeg. Mmmmm.

The Depitty agrees that there's always room for pudding and tucked into a hearty home made apple crumble.

I have to say well done, once again, to Millbrook's own wee Welsh wizard of the kitchen; a grand feast and (of course) the usual warm welcome and smiling service.

If you live in or are a frequent visitor to Millbrook, you probably already know about the D&C. If, however, you don't or you're not - should you find yourself within striking distance, do pay Russell and Mark a visit...

The Devon and Cornwall Inn,West St, Millbrook, Cornwall.

tel: 01752 822320

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Judith said...

Oh well then, a salad garnish makes it positively health food. I marvelled at the size of it, and a starter and pud as well! An impressive feat, I am in awe. No fast for me today, I whipped up a delicious beef curry with coconut cream of which I am about to have another helping.